Nordic GBC webinar # 4: Resilience and climate adaptation

Climate change impacts buildings and the surrounding urban environment in many different ways. Buildings and infrastructure, for example, will be affected by sea-level rise, intense rainstorms and fast floods. Therefore, it is important for companies and property owners to recognise the impact, and analyse the risks and opportunities that climate change will have on their business and assets.

This can involve both physical risks, i.e. direct damage to assets, and transitional risks, which may impact reputation, market status, insurance and financing. It is also important for architects and engineers to be aware of the risks, and take them into account when designing buildings, infrastructure, neighborhoods and cities.

In the next GBC Nordic webinar we will learn about the effects of climate change in the Nordic countries and the associated risks for built structures and the urban environment. The webinar will also present examples of solutions for how to make buildings and the urban environment more resilient.


Climate change in the Nordic countries
Dr Guðfinna Aðalgeirsdóttir, Professor of Geophysics at Univ. of Iceland: The IPCC report and how climate change will act out in the Nordic hemisphere

Potential impact on the built environment and infrastructure
Miisa Tähkänen, Expert in a sustainable built environment at GBC Finland: How the effects of climate change differ between regions

Scenario Analysis in Climate Related Risks & Opportunities
Sigurður Freyr Jónatansson, Expert on financial stability at the Central Bank of Iceland: A scenario approach to baselines for assessment of actions towards resilience and climate adaptation

Climate change adaption in a man-made environment
Dr Kim Haukeland Paus, Engineer at Asplan Viak: Climate adaptation for urban rainwater & sewage systems




12:00 – 13:00



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